See how we're performing

We're an ambitious charitable housing association with big strategic goals.

We're constantly measuring our performance so we can see where we're on track and where we need to improve.  Here's where you can see how we're performing.

We want to deliver the best service possible for you, our customers. We purposely set ourselves challenging targets, to help us constantly strive to do better and achieve more. Sometimes we don’t achieve our targets, but our actual performance is still in line with similar housing associations. Our ambitious nature means we want to push and stretch ourselves to be the best we can be.

You can find out more about our ultimate ambition to 'Help end the housing crisis in North Kent'  by reading our Strategic Plan 2018-21.

Be a great landlord

Here's where you can see how we're performing against:

  • The repairs on our homes
  • How many customers we’ve supported
  • Customer satisfaction
  • How many customers are using our online services

Meet the housing crisis locally

Here's where you can see how we're performing against:

  • How many new homes we’re building
  • How many Foyer customers we’ve supported